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Tuesday, April 28, 2009, 10:48 AM ( 41 views )  - Posted by Heidi
The days are seemingly passing by a little slower now Iím not sure if it is the anticipation of school being over soon or the sheer lack of excitement lately. Spring came in with such a burst this year the process could hardly be enjoyed. It was like being lost in a swirl of activity so visually intense that by the time I figured out how and what to focus on it was over. I often ponder what causes time to do that, fly by one moment then crawl the next, much like the DVD player on fast forward then pause. I have been feeling a bit anxious lately like I am waiting on something or someone and if the days would just pass that moment of arrival would come, but as usual I canít quite put my finger on what it is Iím awaiting. It is making me feel a little stagnant and directionless, just sitting here preparing for the unknown territory called tomorrow. Will it bring a little more peace or a little more pain? Will it bring good news to my door step or another mountain to climb? Will someone be there or will I face it with that all too familiar loneliness? I donít know so I just sit here with the remote in hand lost in the distraction of a mini blender, an eight pound vacuum, and a home gym I can purchase for six payments of $19.95 waiting for whatever tomorrow has in store and trying to remember to be confident in my ability to cope with it.

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