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Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 03:28 PM ( 4 views )  - Posted by Heidi
I have clawed my way up to what I thought was a mountain only to look back and discover a hill. I am still not sure what I thought a year would heal for me. It stood in my mind like a magic number however as that number approaches I have learned that 365 days will not cure my grief. It’s almost humorous to me now as I look around my bedroom reading the titles of the books that litter the left side of my bed. “Daily Meditation” which has 365 days of inspiration. I shake my head and mumble “promises promises” because soon the book will end but I fear the grief will not. As difficult as that idea is to accept I feel that if I change course and find the positives they will become a beacon, which will illuminate the path that lay ahead. The memories becoming much sweeter now and more precious, kept in a big box next to my heart wrapped in white shiny paper with a giant crimson bow. I find myself constantly lifting the lid and letting his essence flutter through my mind like the yellow butterflies in my flower garden each time becoming more and more abundantly thankful for the experience of J.T. and the ways he enriched my life.

My grief and pain are mine. I have earned them. They are part of me. Only by feeling them do I open myself up to the lessons they can teach.
– Anne Wilson Schaef

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