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Monday, May 19, 2008, 09:57 AM ( 6 views )  - Posted by Heidi
The green of the sky foreshadows the inevitable…the gray and purple clouds once again joining together overhead. The lightning flashes and the thunder clacks its ever to familiar warning as I stand in wait of another downpour of emotion. Rapidly trying to find a place to file away each feeling as they fall in giant drops from the ominous sky, flipping through my filing cabinet of coping and storing them away. “A” for anger and anxiety, “F” for fear, “P” for pain, “R” for resentment, remorse and regret. The drops I miss or can not yet find a place for fall from my eyelashes and cascade down my nose becoming one with a river of tears and begin to puddle at my feet, swiftly rising covering my knees, hips and encompassing my chest. The frigid sea of blue covers my body overpowering my mouth and nose and it is in this moment, this one painful moment, I must once again decide whether to sink or to swim.

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