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Sunday, March 9, 2008, 12:54 PM ( 3 views )  - Posted by Administrator
Everyday the pain grows and manifests itself differently. I have been feeling so numb with it. I have the memories of J.T. swirling in my head at such a rapid rate lately, his smile remains in the forefront and I desperately want to touch his face. It seemed to start when it snowed last week. It hit early in the morning and Madie and Kenny were just waking up. Kenny rushed to get dressed and went outside all bundled up. He was just walking around looking up. I watched him for a while from the front window knowing that J.T. was heavy on his mind and I began to imagine J.T way up above him with pink rosy cheeks from the cold kneeling over a bucket of giant snowflakes sprinkling them down over us like sugar. I know he will never be far from us if we hold tightly to his precious memories but at the same time I know that it will never be enough and we will never be the same.

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