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Thursday, February 7, 2008, 01:57 PM ( 4 views )  - Posted by Administrator
“Sorrows are our best educators. A person can see further through a tear than a telescope.” Lord Byron

I read this quote yesterday over coffee and I started thinking about what this sorrow has taught me. I have been trying to reach back and realize how it has changed my priorities and my relationships. I know that my vision has definitely expanded in a way that helps me see things I previously chose to ignore like how certain people I never knew or expected are now my greatest source of comfort and the people I depended on before for comfort have quietly disappeared. It has also changed what I choose to see in each day as well, no longer taking the small details of life for granted but actively cramming them into my memory knowing one day they will prove to be my most precious possession. However above all this I have found that the most valuable lesson I learned is about myself. I have discovered that I have a strength that drives me forward. I believe that this hidden strength lies within us all in a box marked “ IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES” Here’s hoping you never have to open it but it’s bursting at the seams if you do.

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