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Friday, January 4, 2008, 10:13 AM ( 1 view )  - Posted by Administrator
He was outside on one of his inevetable treasure hunts with a plastic cup collecting icicles and looking for frozen pools of water, finding his bounty in my Mom's birdbath. Stripping off his gloves, so he would be able to handle and feel the ice. J.T. patiently removed it from its frozen vessel in one gigantic frozen sphere, taking so much time, persistance and patience only to lift it high above his head and send it plummeting toward the ground crashing into a thousand peices...throwing some and eating others. He came in with his little brother in tow, pink cheeks, and red hands, spilling tales of his adventure while I held his hands between mine gently rubbing the warmth back into them. I miss that, the ability to warm him, to hear him, to comfort him, because in doing these things for him he in turn; without intention, did them for me and that is irreplaceable.

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