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Saturday, December 22, 2007, 09:40 AM ( 43 views )  - Posted by Administrator
As thoughts of J.T. bud and blossom in my head like tender roses in spring I find my self wanting to share these memories with others. Sometimes I want to share them with someone who experienced those moments with me but often times I want to paint them in vivid color on a fresh canvas, someone who never had the opportunity to know J.T.’s humor or intelligence.

The act of sharing these stories is somewhat medicinal to me. I know when we speak of him the grief is no longer only significant to me but it continues to affect others. I feel like the sweet fragrant memories blooming in the minds of those who loved him gives J.T. a beautiful garden of red, yellow, orange, and pink to frolic in…a mere piece of him to forever keep with us.

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