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Wednesday, November 7, 2007, 10:17 AM  - Posted by Administrator
The dictionary defines the word denial as a psychological defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided. However I think a better definition for denial is the most common form of self-preservation humans’ use. I know that denial plays a large part in the grieving process and I am in the thick of it. I keep J.T.’s room just like he left it, right down to the toys under his bed, for what? Fear that when he returns he will be upset because they are not where he left them. That to me is easier to tell myself. That is denial. We all use it in some form or fashion to help ourselves cope with situations, just as Yamaha uses it. They deny the number of accidents, lives they are taking, people being maimed. They sit on their perch of denial because the reality is too much to face. The perch is now full of grieving parents, spouses, and siblings. Here we all sit trying to face our reality. I suppose misery really does need company.

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