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Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 10:20 PM ( 2 views )  - Posted by Administrator
I was handed a stack of another 20 incidents involving the Yamaha Rhino. So far there have been too many injuries to count and the death toll is rising. The stability of the Rhino has been compared to that of a bar stool by The Engineering Institute and yet nothing has been done. We suffer at the hands of Yamahas lack of concern for there own consumers and quite frankly I find that appalling. At what point does the loss of human life begin to matter to them the way it matters to me? Every story I read only fuels me and motivates me toward the goal of prompting change. But why does a matter that involves death take so much prompting? These I suppose are not questions for us to answer; however, when the ostrich pulls his head out of the sand on this one what a hell he has to face.

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