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Monday, October 22, 2007, 10:15 AM ( 78 views )  - Posted by Administrator
The ATV Awareness Walk this Saturday was a great success! We had the opportunity to spread the word on the dangers of the Yamaha Rhino and let people know the damage this ATV is causing. The J.T. Crow Memorial Fund along with our organization Bubba’s Angels had the opportunity to present our first two Bubba’s Angels awards. This is an award that is presented to people who help spread the word on ATV Awareness. Our first recipient is a young lady named Sunny Chism. She lost her arm while riding on a Rhino. Though she is only 13 years old she has found the courage to share her story with others. I am amazed and very proud of her efforts!
Our second Bubba’s Angels Award went to a Game Warden named Ellis Powell. He was the officer first on the scene the night of J.T.’s accident. He has also helped tremendously in the effort to protect people from injury. He spoke at the walk about some of the accidents he has witnessed and we were honored to have him attend.
The J.T. Crow Memorial Fund also had the privilege of sharing our first efforts toward awareness by distributing our pamphlet on ATV safety, which you can download off of our website. Thank you to everyone who attended, helped, and hugged. Please continue to spread the word and we will see you at our next event!

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