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Sunday, September 30, 2007, 10:57 AM ( 1 view )  - Posted by Administrator
Yesterday I watched a young man on J.T.'s football team score a touchdown and as he ran by me on the sideline I saw my son. I saw his long stride and his beautiful smile. It warms my heart to know that the people in my life carry J.T. with them just as I do. I try to see the world in the same ways J.T. did now...stopping to look at a butterfly, picking a flower or smiling at a stranger. Looking at the world like a 9 year old would still amazed by it's beauty and still in awe of what God made. I read that even people who don't have an opportunity to hear God's word can see it in nature. I have found this to be true. If we can all stop to see the world through J.T.'s eyes then we will see what a wonderful world he experienced in his time, and gave me the gift to experience while I'm here.

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