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Thursday, September 13, 2007, 10:35 AM ( 84 views )  - Posted by Administrator
I have recently noticed that an article about the lawsuit has made it on to some of the ATV websites. People are posting it and asking for comments. The comments included remarks like “They have no right to sue…they should live with there mistakes” or “deal with there actions”. Consider this…isn’t that exactly what I’m asking Yamaha to do? We are alleging that the Yamaha Rhino is unsafe due to its stability problems. I am asking them to change the design of the ATV. In effect “deal with their actions”. This is the way Americans prompt change in corporations. When something goes wrong with the products we use, the cars we drive, or the prescriptions we take we make the manufactures responsible for the defective product. We force recalls to make the products we use safer. You can love what I’m saying or hate it either way the more people that know the less injuries are suffered and the less people die.

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