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      • Memory Medicine
        As thoughts of J.T. bud and blossom in my head like tender roses in spring I find my self wanting to share these memories with others. Sometimes I want to share them with someone who experienced those moments with me but often times I want to paint them in vivid color on a fresh canvas, someone who

      • As long as there's a Christmas....
        As Long as There's a Christmas
        The first few lights glow brightly,
        as you watch the season start.
        You know you should be happy,
        but don't feel it in your heart.

        Instead you think about a time
        when someone laughed with you,
        and the love you sha

      • Christmas Present
        Christmas was once a busy time of preparation and celebration for us, it brought joy to our home in the form of shiny wrapped packages, twinkling lights and laughter. This year our house is draped in sadness. I refused to put up a tree because the thought of facing it everyday, a constant reminder

      • Tick- Tock
        In the last six months it seems as though my old companion time has now become my arch nemesis. On the hard days time crawls by me like a sick rabid animal trying to find his final resting place. On the mild days it is fleeting like a humming bird buzzing by in search of precious nectar. Time no lon

      • Expectations
        Sometimes when I am somewhere familiar I find my mind playing games with me. I am not sure if they are games of protection, comfort, or just my mind doing what it is used to. When I am at home I expect to see J.T. coming down the stairs…when I set the table I still set his place. Today I was at his

      • Decisions Decisions
        I find that grief has now pushed me into the dank bowels of a dark cave. I am alone, cold and afraid. The familiar to me now seems strange and the once comforting details of my life seem insignificant. I know longer waste the days dreaming of the future because it has become overwhelming. The past i

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