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      • My Tree Of Life
        I couldn’t sleep last night I was up early and I found comfort sitting and looking out at the trees. With Autumn upon us their leaves begin to change from the usual deep green to shades of orange, red, and brown and as the breeze comes they gently release from their branches and float to the ground

      • Adding up
        I was handed a stack of another 20 incidents involving the Yamaha Rhino. So far there have been too many injuries to count and the death toll is rising. The stability of the Rhino has been compared to that of a bar stool by The Engineering Institute and yet nothing has been done. We suffer at the ha

      • Bubba's Angels
        The ATV Awareness Walk this Saturday was a great success! We had the opportunity to spread the word on the dangers of the Yamaha Rhino and let people know the damage this ATV is causing. The J.T. Crow Memorial Fund along with our organization Bubba’s Angels had the opportunity to present our first t

      • For You
        I spend a lot of time on J.T.'s website hoping that people are finding it and reading it. I know that by learning our tragic story on the website, where just today the hits have surpassed 1500, or at one of our events than you have gained the knowledge to keep this from happening to your family

      • Before and After
        Living with me now is no small feat, just ask my kids. Our afternoon conversations have gone from “Do you guys want chicken or meatloaf for dinner?” to “Over 100 children die annually from All Terrain Vehicle accidents. What would you do to help decrease that number?” and as I stare into the blank f

      • Making Time
        I was reading this morning and praying for inspiration for today when my phone rang. Sometimes I sit in the quiet house thinking about J.T. and thinking about the cause and I let the machine get it. However this morning I wasn’t feeling anything but sadness and the ringing was a welcomed distraction

      • Making a difference
        You don’t need a lot to make a change in this world. I have learned through this awesome loss that sometimes all it takes is a good light to see what you may have normally missed, the courage to have a conversation you would normally avoid, and a few great friends that support you in all you are try

      • A little inspiration.
        “Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm... As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”
        Audrey Hepburn

        “What do we live for, if it is n

      • Where there's a will.........
        As the walk approaches I am truly beginning to see the importance of what we are walking for. We are not only walking for awareness but for those that can no longer walk for themselves. For the lives that the Yamaha Rhino and other ATV's have erased away or forever changed. I want to walk for J

      • "Knock knock.....Is this thing on?"
        Seven year old girl injured in Rhino accident, emergency surgery on her arm ,knee, and ankle, 7 surgeries to right foot. Eighteen year old girl dies November 26, 2006 in Rhino accident. Ten year old girl dies when she was ejected from the Yamaha Rhino Delton, Michigan. Dwight Grimes has to choose to

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