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      • Living in Others
        Yesterday I watched a young man on J.T.'s football team score a touchdown and as he ran by me on the sideline I saw my son. I saw his long stride and his beautiful smile. It warms my heart to know that the people in my life carry J.T. with them just as I do. I try to see the world in the same w

      • Looking toward the future......
        Anyone who has ever lost someone tells you "all the first are the hardest". As the holidays approach I am finding this to be so true. I went shopping Friday and they had Christmas trees up already. As I looked at the trees and the thoughts filled my head (and poured out of my eyes) I reali

      • Song added today: Skillet - Rebirthing
        I lie here paralytic
        Inside this soul
        Screaming to you till
        My throat is numb

        I wanna break out, I need a way out
        I don't believe that it's gotta be this way
        The worst is, the waiting
        In this room I'm suffocating

        Feel you

      • Baloons for Bubba

      • Put so well.....
        At the finest level of my being, You're still with me.
        We still look at each other at that level beyond sight.
        We talk and laugh with each other on a level beyond touch.
        We share time together in a place where time stands still.
        We are still together on a level called love.<

      • Happy Birthday Baby.
        Happy Birthday J.T. Everyday without you is a river of pain. Sometimes it flows gently and just the sound of it reminds me your gone, sometimes its like the rapids and I fight and struggle just to keep from drowning. I am so grateful for your brother and sister because in them I see what your were a

      • Walk For Awareness
        Anyone who would like to come and walk for those who have been killed or injured in an ATV accident is welcome to do so. If you are not nearby and would like your loved one represented please let me know. We will have people on hand to walk for you. All we need is a picture and a name.

      • Knowledge is Power
        I have recently noticed that an article about the lawsuit has made it on to some of the ATV websites. People are posting it and asking for comments. The comments included remarks like “They have no right to sue…they should live with there mistakes” or “deal with there actions”. Consider this…isn’t t

      • Bubba's Birthday
        One week from today on September 19th J.T. would be turning 10 years old. As the day approaches I find myself with so much to say to him. I have decided that for his Birthday I will send my messages to him in hellium balloons. Anyone who wants to do the same can e-mail me the message and I will make

      • J.T.
        I have decided that it is J.T.'s compassion that is driving me to reach out and tell this story. As a Mom we are responsible for sharing with other mothers what we learn along this journey of parenthood. I know that Bubba would want us all to reach out, spread the word and keep this from happen

      • How do we stop this?????
        Today I went for a walk and saw a mother riding a 4 wheeler with her child. The baby had to be only 3 years old. Right here in Winnsboro?? I was shocked. I shared J.T.'s story with her but the whole time I was thinking how can this be happening here?? Ive been concerned about reaching as many p