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      • Possibility
        I woke up early this morning before the hum of traffic on the Seawall could obstruct a view of the baby blue and orange sky touching the deep blue of the ocean on the horizon. I watched the white capped waves roll in while the seagulls hungrily squawked good morning. The crash of the waves momentari

      • A Tribute
        The first person that arrived to help my family on the night of J.T.'s accident was a Game Warden named Ellis Powell. He wrote this letter to J.T. for the one year anniversary of his death. I found it a touching tribute to my son and wanted to share it...


        I just

      • One Year and One Day.
        I sit here today one year and one day past the horrific moment I lost my Son. For once the anticipation of the day didnít overpower the emotion and did nothing to warn me of the heartache I would feel. Yesterday I went to the site of J.T.ís accident , I stood there and watched my Dad place a sandst

      • Most Beautiful Things...
        There is so many things I wish J.T. could have seen and experienced. As I look around I try to see things the way he would of, with love of nature, compassion and joy. With the pain in my heart this task is not an easy one and I miss him endlessly.

        The best and most beautiful

      • Remembering
        This is a picture that my daughter Madison took at the lake on my birthday. When I look at it I see our lives as we live them now, constantly looking back at something beautiful.

      • Why We Fight
        Here I sit in so much pain
        Understanding is what I hope to gain

        Waiting for the pain to cease
        Praying for a sweet release

        But here I do not sit alone
        It seems that my community has grown

        They all arrive those who understand

      • Uphill Battle
        I have clawed my way up to what I thought was a mountain only to look back and discover a hill. I am still not sure what I thought a year would heal for me. It stood in my mind like a magic number however as that number approaches I have learned that 365 days will not cure my grief. Itís almost humo

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