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      • A Beautiful Gift

        Kirby Crow did this watercolor portrait of J.T. Jeremy e-mailed it to me this morning. When I opened the picture I found it fascinating that Kirby was able to capture the joy in J.T.’s face. That joy was always there and it was contagious. What a beautiful gift.

      • Confidently Coping?
        The days are seemingly passing by a little slower now I’m not sure if it is the anticipation of school being over soon or the sheer lack of excitement lately. Spring came in with such a burst this year the process could hardly be enjoyed. It was like being lost in a swirl of activity so visually int

      • Unfinished Business
        As the days roll by since our “little victory” I find myself renewed in hope, a hope that people banded together by similar tragedies can make a difference in this world, but the shadow of winter still covers the warmth of the sun allowing it to only partially thaw my heart. I celebrate this step in

      • It’s Not Over!
        As great as the news is that Yamaha has decided to admit some of there design flaws and offered to correct some of the problems IT’S NOT OVER YET! Yes, some of the problems are being fixed but the Rhino’s still have inadequate seatbelts that DO NOT hold an occupant in securely and the roll bar remai

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